Facebook Zuckerberg Spoke in Chinese

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke in  Chinese on 22/10/2014 during an interview by China QingHua University (Beijing), of which he is a Board member:



Mark’s wife is Dr. Patricia Chan, a Harvard-trained medical doctor from Malaysia Chinese.

Chinese students asked Mark Zuckerberg how to set up company to make big money. ..Mark replied:
A great company founder’s initial vision is to change the world“.

(Scroll to 15:00 mins) Mark had dinner with Xiomi Beijing yesterday. He praised the fast growing Xiomi 小米 smartphone innovative products and cheap, predict Xiomi will be a great company (hint: buy the shares).

(27:00 mins) Q&A Facebook’s next 10 years’ vision:
1. Spread Internet to poor countries;
2. Artificial Intelligence ;
3. Virtual Reality after everybody has a smartphone.



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