English Ideogrammes 象形字根

European letters (English, French, Irish, German, …) are mistakenly viewed as phonetic based versus the ideogrammic (pictorial) characters like Chinese.

In fact, a bit of history of evolution of European letters will reveal that there is a ‘hidden’ trace of ideogrammes in the European alphabets.

I will prove to you why ?

1. English’s origin from Latin


2. Latin (Romans) from (western) Greek

3. Greek from Phoenisia


4 .Phoenisia from Egypt (Ideogrammes)


English derived 60% from Latin (Romans), which was from Greek (invented vowels: a,e,i,o,u and letters Alpha, Beta…), and from Phoenicia (22 letters with representative pictures), and from Egypt which was an Ideogramme language using pictures like Chinese characters. So all English alphabets “(Alpha)Bet(a)s” also represent a picture, eg. “f” below looks like birds flying with wings:


“O” is a picture for round object: Orange, Oval, Obese. ..
V” splits like a v-shape: Valley, Volcano (V-shaped mouth)…
“j” jumping person, jet, jettison…
“m” likes mountain (山) ,
W = V+V : between two valleys V there is a Way,
“S” shape Stream flows,
“t” likes a ‘t’ree…terrain, town, (tree) ‘t’runk, …
r” likes a ‘r‘oot,
“z” a staircase, zip-zag,
“n” an arc over the sky is a rainbow, …
“l” stands up is a God: ‘l’ord
“i” is smaller than God, so ‘i’ am a man: ‘i’dentity…
‘h’: a short ‘n’ leans against a tall wall = ‘h’eight,
“g”: in Gothic calligraphy is a line linking 2 ‘o’: a ‘g’lobe link the heaven (天)and earth(地).

\boxed {\text {o: object, l: God }}

ol= d: object behind God = past => past tense ‘ed’. (dead, desolate, déjà-vu…)

lo = b: object before God = future => ‘b’efore, beginning…

I°= P: object above & before God => Potential, Prio…

°l= q : object above & behind God => question, query,..

o⌉⌊ = a: object touching ceiling ( ⌉ heaven) and floor ( ⌊ earth) => first letter “a”

English ideogram “x”: a fallen tree (t) or the Cross => all bad words start with ‘x’ : xenophobia…
French mathematician Descartes (invented Cartesian Geometry) used ‘x’ as the unknown variable, simply because his publisher’s most popular letters were used up quickly except ‘x’.


‘e’ ideogrammes: the seed exiting out of soil. All words with meaning ‘out’ start with ‘e’: exit, exile, exodus, exo-thermic, exhausted, extra, emotion, erupt, evade, evacuate, evolve, emission, …

(more updates for {c, k,u, y} coming …)

1. Evolution of English Alphabets:

2. English and Chinese had the same root 4,951 years ago – Languistic Half-life and the Tower of Babel



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