LKY Vocabularies 英汉字彙

[LKY Vocabs used in books, interviews, speeches]

Highfalutin: 官冕堂皇

Play ducks and drakes: 打水漂  (stone skipping). Trifle with 儿戏; treat frivolously 轻率

Compunction: 内疚

Knuckle-dusters: 关节保护器 (打架)

[法语] Cul-de-sac: 死胡同 (蒙古语: 胡同 = 小巷)

Psephology: election vote analysis 选举学

The whys and the wherefores:理由和目的

Climacteric: 转变期

Promulgated: 颁布

Modicum: 点点

Agitprop: 宣传鼓动 (共产党)


ex aequo: equal, tie (比赛)不分胜负
ingrate: 忘恩
hoi polloi:  民众
stave off: 避开
kick the can down the road
loose monetary policy to fight downturn – essentially, printing dollars.
devalue currency to make export attractive.
motley crowd: 烏合之众
crestfallen: 垂头丧气
pernicious effect: 有害影响
debilitating:        大伤元气
spurs on your hinds:
budge: 让步
cosseted: 娇生惯养
sui generis: (italian)  自成一格
ceteris paribus: 在其他条件不变的情况下
on the dole: 领取失业救济金
laid-back: 懒散的
self-effacing: 谦虚
assuage the fear 缓和害怕
outflank: 包抄
internecine: 自相残杀
derision: 嘲
raise head above parapet: 抬头
lisped: 说话口齿不清
defiance: 蔑视
luftwaffe: airforce (german)
polyglot community:  多国语言社会
keep on an even keel: 保持四平八稳
emerge unfazed: 出现未受影响
dribble with the ball 运球
beckon 招手
subsist on 维持生计
mesmerised 如醉如痴
enthralled 着迷
swindled 被骗
wherewithal : means
brash 性急的
brinkmanship: 边缘政策
send chills up the spines 发送了刺畏寒
dither 抖动
horde 部落
ex post facto nostalgia 事后怀旧
go against the grain: 反其道而行
get a share in the spoils 分赃
let live 让别人活
bequeathed to us by the British 遗赠
imbibing values 吸收
ineluctable 不可避免
antics 滑稽动作
secede 分裂出去
remiss 粗心
ostensible ground 表面的 虛设的立场
logjam 僵局
extirpate (corruption)根绝
intransigent 不妥协
acquiesced 默许
volte-face : 变脸 / U-turn / flip-flop (american)
epiphany 顿悟
prosaic (explanation) 平淡无奇
economic fillip 经济刺激

snooty: 傲慢
hifalutin: 夸张的 (highfalutin)
cul-de-sac : 死胡同
placid: 平淡
serene: 安详
shambles: 废墟
trudge : 长途跋涉
bemoan: 哀叹
reviled: 唾骂


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