Custard Apple (SweetSop) 蕃荔枝 (林檎)

Ever ask yourself why “Custard Apple” aka SweetSop (a cross of SourSop) is called “Lim-Khim” in Hokkien / Teochew / Hakka (Catonese) ? How to write in Chinese ?

The Mandarin confuses “Custard Apple” as 蕃荔枝 (Foreign Lychee), same as “SourSop” (which we call in Singapore / Mysia as 红毛榴莲)。

日文苹果 = 林檎 (りんご \Ringo )

其实中国古代没有“苹果”一词,也叫林檎或柰 (\nài)等。


中国的林檎传入日本,“林”念リン(\Rin),“檎”的汉音(即中国北方读音)为キン(\kin),吴音为ゴン(\gon),后变为ゴ(\go),所以日语“林檎”便念成リンゴ (\Ringo)了。

Japanese calls Apple as Ringo (林檎), learnt it during Tang dynasty (7CE).
Hokkien/Teochew/Hakkah keeps “林檎” for “Apple” since 4CE 魏晋 Exodus from Northern China (五胡乱华) to the South.


Another fruit “Mango” 芒果 in Hokkien is (闽南音同: 蒜 suāinn), in Ming dynasty 14CE a Fujian high-rank Mandarin gave this exotic fruit from Philippines to the Emperor as a gift.

Custard Apple (SweetSop) 蕃荔枝 (林檎)”的一个响应


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