Korean Shadowing

“Shadowing” is a language learning technique by repetitive speaking of the sentenses (after understanding the meaning ) till they ‘immerse’ in brain. This is how babies learn the mother tongue — without worrying about how to read, write / spell and grammar (Korean grammar is complex).

Shadowing = “Hear -> Speak”

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The text below is for reference only
. (You don’t have to remember the texts.)

韩文 中文 Notes
얼마예요 多少钱 eol-ma-ye-yo
써 주세요 请用写的 sseo-ju-se-yo
깎아 주세요 价格 请便宜一点 kka-ga ju-se-yo
화장실이 어디예요 ? 厕所在哪里呢? hwa-jang-si-ri eo-di-ye-yo
네, 알겠습니다 好的, 知道了。 ne, al-get-seum-ni-da

2. 麻烦 / 拜托了