3D 圆明园复原

清华建筑系 郭教授领导学生作 3D 还原“圆明园”。她师从梁思成(梁启超的儿子,林徽茵的丈夫)。

雨果是有良知的法国伟人。当年骂法皇和英女皇是2个强盗,烧掠圆明园 (夏宫The Summer Palace) 。

法国作家维克多.雨果(Victor Hugo) 愤怒的写道:

“一天,两个强盗闯进了圆明园。一个大肆抢掠,另一个放火焚烧。额尔金(老爸) 在巴台农神庙开始干的事,他(儿子) 又到圆明园干了。


额尔金 (Elgin) 的后人没有一丝悔意,说“事情已过去了,要向前看”:



The beautiful Summer Palace “Yuan Ming Yuan” 圆明园 built over 100 years in 17th century at Beijing was burnt down first by the Anglo-France soldiers, and again — after partial rebuilt through “stealing” the Navy’s budget 海军军费 by the Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后 — by the 8 European Armies (include Japan, Belgium, Germany, France, England, Russia, USA, Austria).

See the architecture designed by the French Jesuites looked similar to Versailles.


How would the French feel if their beautiful Versailles were to be burnt down by the Nazi in WWII ?

Today the treasures in Summer Palace are still kept in British Museum (mostly precious art pieces, bulky items such as porcelains…), while the more cultural French knew the real treasures are the 甲骨文 (the most ancient Chinese characters written oracles carved on turtle shells), which are kept in Musée Guimet. Also the 12 Zodiac animal fountain heads had been stolen, one of which is bought in aution by Yves St. Laurent, who gave it to his homosexual partner as a gift.

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