Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma Interview by Charlie Rose & Bill Clinton

(Jan 2017) Interview by Charlie Rose

Key take-aways:

Q1. Why called Alibaba ?
JM: I like “Alibaba, open sesame”. Internet is also opening opportunities.

Q2. What is your business philosophy?
JM: Customers #1, Employees #2, Shareholders #3. The conventional companies reverse these 3 priorities. When your company business hits difficulties, shareholders run first, but loyal employees and loyal customers stay with you.

Q3: Where are the business opportunities ?
JM: Today opportunities are everywhere  if  companies can solve  problems faced by the customers. Alibaba’s value is helping the few hundred million SME (Small-Medium Entreprises) to sell their goods to the world. By helping customers (SME), they in turn help Alibaba growing.

Q4: Will Alibaba surpass Microsoft or Walmart one day ?
JM: Yes. Microsoft & Walmart are B-2-C business model, but Alibaba is bigger: C-2-B, bringing billion of customers together to force companies change their way of operating business.

Q5: Do you agree with philanthropy call by Bill Gates & Warren Buffet to donate 50% ~ 90% of your fortune away to charity in your life time?
JM: I only sleep on 1 bed, eat 3 meals…I don’t need millions to spend…If you earn more than 100 million dollars, these monies are given by society to you but not your monies. You should spend the money NOW – and not later in your life time – by giving back to society for the youth’s education, help them creating millions of jobs, health care,  environment…

Q6: Can eCommerce companies in US beat Alibaba?
JM: USA still leads in technology innovation for the next 20~30 years. However, today it is the customer market place that drives the demand of product innovation… China market has 1.4 billion customers…

Ex-President Bill Clinton interviewed Jack Ma (2015): 

China in the last 30 years was export-oriented economy, built factories making cheap products by polluting our environment. China government could not develop internal consumer market, because that required asking Chinese to spend their saving. Chinese saving is the world’s number 1, we spend yesterday’s money (saving) but the Americans spend tomorrow’s money (credit card, bank loans) or somebody’s else money (borrow debt by treasury bonds). 

China  soon to have  half billion middle class people who will have money to spend by importing goods from the world. This is the opportunity for entrepreneurs like Alibaba. Unlike export-oriented economy pollutes air, river and environment, import-oriented economy will be more environment-friendly.

Taiji with Jet Li & Alibaba Jack Ma

Jet Li & Jack Ma’s Vision: Both of them are working together on a vision to promote Taiji in the Olympic Game, on par with Judo & Taekwando.

Learn Taiji Online with Jet Li:

1. Introduction :

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李连杰 (英语) 访谈:

Alibaba电子商贸平台 = + eBay + Paypal + FedEx


軟银 Softbank是日本韩裔孙正义 (1957 -, 《孙子兵法》孙武的第25世后代)创办。年少时因为是韩裔而被日本同学歧视, 发誓要先从外国发迹, 然后打回日本受承认; 1991年入日本国籍, 坚持用回’孙’姓。80年代成功创立软银, 可是日本人欺笑他是”赌徒”。他慧眼识英雄, 第一位外资”赌注” Alibaba, 会见马云只6分钟, 就投资US$30million。马云称他是”灵魂伴侣”, 创业初期如果没有孙正义的雄厚资金, 马云不可能在短短15年里就成为世界第一电子商。孙正义也因为是Alibaba的最大股东, 从日本第二富跃升为首富。

Yahoo创办人之一台湾人杨致远Jerry Yang是马云的创业恩师, Yahoo也是第二大股东。

蔡崇信, Alibaba CFO兼副主席, 台湾人, 留美耶鲁大学法学博士, 带领Alibaba走向世界的功臣。当年在杭州认识默默无名的马云, 主动放弃年薪 US$700,000, 加入Alibaba的”十八罗汉”创业团队, 换取月薪 US$300 和3.2%股份。15年后现在身家US $3.2 billion, 香港第14位富豪。

金庸勉励马云像刘邦 / 刘备, 善用比自己强十倍百倍的人才(韩信, 张良, 陈平, 萧何 / 诸葛亮, 关羽, 张飞, 赵云… ), 本人运筹帷幄, 结合Alibaba团队(孙正义的财力, 蔡崇信的国际关系, 18罗汉的电脑科技)的凝聚力, 称雄世界第一大电子商务。


[亚洲周刊: 2014年10月5日]

Alibaba Chairman’s Speech in Germany on “D-economy”

An English teacher failed in the ‘Concours’ (高考’科举’) entrance exams to top universities, an IT illiterate, much less Internet technologies, Jack Ma (马云) becomes a legend in China and the world in e-Commerce.

Alibaba is the name of thieves in Aladdin story. While still as a teacher in HanZhou (杭州) City, Jack Ma was moon-lighting as a chinese company’s debt collector to the USA. In his first trip outside China , he was shot by the USA mafia hired by the debtor company there. Fortunately the bullet did not kill him, he woke up finally from comma. That year e-Commerce was just newly born in the USA, he smelled first-hand the opportunity to help small-to-medium Chinese companies selling products & services to the world.

A Chinese proverb, “大难不死, 必有后福” (After a big misfortune if one does not die, he shall receive a bigger blessing). With 8 closed friends he started from his bedroom. Since he was almost killed by a mafia thief, he named his start-up “Alibaba” like Aladdin found the big treasure from the Alibaba. Jack Ma is now the richest man in China, after IPO in New York Stock Exchange last year.

This speech was given in Hanover in the presence of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Key Points:

1. D-economy = Data economy

2. The next 30 year Internet Revolution is C-2-B : Consumers to Business.


Alibaba has 3 big businesses:
1. e-Commerce B2B portal
2. TaoBao (淘宝) B2C (like
3. eBanking (like PayPal)