The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in China



Chinese race originated in 2 phases:

1) Phase: After the Flood, from Noah’s eldest son Shem (who invented Agriculture 农耕 & herbs 药草) 神农 (Agriculture God), and his 7th -18th descendant Huang Di (黄帝 Yellow Emperor) called Han race (汉族).

2) Phase: the Miao苗 and Jiang 羌 Southern minority tribes came from the exiled ten lost tribes mainly “Ephraim” after Assyria destroyed the Northern Israel Kingdom.

This is from Where are The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel? genealogy project :

Chiang-Min China 羌民

“Behold, These are coming from afar. These from the north and the west and these from the land of Sinim.” This prophecy, spoken by Isaiah, promised the return of Lost Israelites from all corners of the Earth and from Sinim.

Interestingly, Sinim is the Hebrew word for China 秦国 (秦始皇时代的中国). In fort-like villages in the high mountain ranges on the Chinese-Tibetan border live the Chiang-Min 羌民 of West Szechuan 四川. It has been claimed that the Chiang-Min are descendants of the ancient Israelites who arrived in China several hundred years before Christ.

The missionary Torrance, who visited Cheng-du in the early party of this century, insisted that the Chiang-Min strongly resemble the Israelite branch of the Semitic race.

He observed that several of their customs were reminiscent of ancient Israelite tradition. Said Torrance: “The plough the Chiang use is similar to the ancient Israelite plough and is drawn by two oxen, never by an ox and an ass. This in accordance with the Biblical stipulation: ‘You shall not plough with an ox and ass together.'”

The Chaing-Min believe in one God. During “times of calamity or acute distress,” writes Torrance, “they issue a moan or cry which sounds like ‘Yawei’, suggestive of the biblical name of God. The Scottish missionary also claims that the Chinese conception of Sacrifice came from the ancient Israelites.

Finally, Chiang-Min priests, like the ancient Israelite priests, wear girdles to bind their robes, and bear a sacred rod shaped like a serpent, reminiscent of the brass serpent fashioned by Moses in the wilderness.

When will the 10 lost tribes reunited with the Jews ?

Gen 48:19 Jacob blessed Ephraim – the 2nd son of Joseph – not the 1st son Manasseh. Ephraim had the birthright, his descendants will be “multitudes of nations”, though Manasseh will be a “great nation.”

Both Ephraim & Manasseh and 8 others are the 10 lost tribes of Israel. They are promised by God to Joseph (Gen 28:10-15) “as numerous as the dust of the earth”, while the Judah & Benjamin tribes remain small (only 14 million Jews today).

Today who are ‘these dusts” of the earth ? Only Indian and Chinese exceed 1 billion people. Either one of them descendants of Ephraim or Manasseh.

Ephraim (with God’s birthright) will be most likely the Chinese ancestor, because Chinese diaspora is everywhere in & out of China (59 races), Taiwan, HK, Macau, South-east Asia, Singapore (a nation).

Manasseh descendants are found in North India today.

Assyria = WW1 Austria + WW2 German Nazi / Japanese Militarists

Do you know the cruel Assyria Empire, which destroyed the Northern Israel and exiled the 10 lost tribes, is today’s Germany and Austria (after WW1 kicked off by these 2 Germanic races, Austria broken into Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia & Czech). The Jews suffered in WW2 by German Nazi. The China Qing dynasty in 1900 semi-colonized by 8 European +Japan countries (俄德法美日奥意英 : 李连英教慈禧记得这8个坏蛋国名 “饿的话, 每日熬一鹰”) led by Germany and then Austria (Assyria reincarnated in 20th Century). Like in O.T., God always used the same bad guy (Assyria & his bad allied Japan) to ‘discipline’ his rebellious beloved children: Jews and Chinese – 爱之越深, 训之越严。Only these 2 chosen ancient civilisations survive till today, their suppressors (Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Mongol, Manchu, …) have vanished.


羌族, 苗族


苗族(Miao tribe)的Noah Ark, who descended from Noah’s 3rd son

Noah’s eldest son Shem 神农 and Yellow Emperor 黄帝:


中國新年習俗 vs 以色列人正月節期

《神州十二號》看中國:中國新年習俗 vs 以色列人正月節期:

农历新年 和 “出埃及”逾越节(Passover) / 除酵节 (Unleavened Bread) 雷同处惊人:
新年: 正月春至 (不是初一) / Nisan (Began from 1456 BC Spring, 2 weeks before Exodus)
“年”: 杀人兽, 怕红色 / 死神杀埃及人长子, 犹太人以羊血涂门避灾。
红色: 门楣的红字对联 / 门楣的羊血
全家: 大扫除 / 清洗除霉
团圆饭: 除夕全家聚餐烤羊(后来道教变烤猪) / Eve of Passover 烤羔羊
无酵餅: 无酵年糕 / Unleavened bread

所罗门王死后, 帝国分裂。北部是Israel, 以色列十支族人建。南部是Judah (其国人称Jews), 是另二支族人建。两国战争不断。北国先被外人亚术帝国 (Assyria : 谋杀字的来源Assassination) 灭, 南国被巴比伦 (Babylon) 灭。圣经从此讲诉南国Jews的历史到耶稣。北部人在圣经内失踪不见3000年, 一字不题。他们可能逃难到中国的夏/商朝, 入四川的三星堆, 宋朝时在首都开封府, 出了个黑脸包公大法官, 判案像所罗门的故事 (要切婴一半, 辨出真母假母夺儿)。

犹太人因在埃及寄人篱下四百年 (1899 BC – 1446 BC), 所以圣经里上帝教他们要善待异乡人 。 他们好客, 笔者年轻时在巴黎读书做工, 犹太同事星期日会来电请我去他家吃午餐。我不好意思, 怕打扰法国人”爱隐私的习惯”而婉拒。犹太法国人说,” 不添麻烦, 只需加多一叉一匙” — 这和华人的 “多加一对筷子”留客人在家吃饭口气一模一样。春秋时 (500 BC) 孔子记在《论语》里的古代中国人好客的精神: “有朋自远方来, 不亦悅乎”, 很”犹太”呀!



如果中国古人和圣经消失的十族以色列人有关, 证据就在汉字里。

1。先是象形文字 (日月人火木马水金女土…)
2。再引伸把多个象形拼成会意字 (日月=明, 木木= 林,田力=男, 女女= 奻, 木木女= 婪 ) 10%汉字
3。 用1)形旁+2)声 = 形声字 (父巴= 爸, 女马= 妈) 90%汉字

圣经创世纪的故事, 写在汉字的造字里:
起初 (二人):

用土, 吹口气, 造一亻+ 1人, 住在大囗:

二人躲在木中 = (上帝)(寻找阿当,夏娃,两人偷吃了智慧果, 因害羞裸体而躲起来。)

木木示= 禁 (两棵木警示不可吃)

木木女= 婪 (女人夏娃贪双木: 生命树和智慧树)

X兄 = 兇 (阿当和夏娃的儿子: 因妒忌, 兄Cain杀弟Abel, 上帝在兄额头打x记号, 兇同音兄)

舟八口= 船 (Ark : Noah + wife + 3 sons + 3 daughters-in-law) — 发现这字奥秘者是康熙的数学老师法国耶稣会教士 白晉

一人一口 = 合 (one man one mouth, or everyone speaks one common language) : (三国, 曹操和杨修同发现这谜语, 曹操忌才, 杀杨修。)

土艹合 = 塔 (Tower Babel made of soils & grasses)

丶皿 = 血 (blood in utensils )

羊火 = 羔 (火烤羊)

羊大 = 美 (肥大为美)

羔口 = 善 (羔羊的话为善)

牛羊秀戈 = 犧

犹太的希伯来文和中文都是唯一的方塊字 (韓国的谚文也是模仿汉字), 两者的古文字长寿至今; 而侵略国埃及, 巴比伦, 亚术,罗马, 蒙, 满, 辽, 西夏文已绝迹。



Interesting Chinese characters (pictograms, ideograms 象形字) interpreted from the Genesis context of God in China in 2,500 BC (商朝), i.e. one thousand years before Moses wrote the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament.

禁: God’s( 示: 神 ) 2 forbidden trees (林)
婪: Greed of the woman (女) with the 2 trees(林)
船: Noah’s Arch (舟) with 8 persons(八口)
福: Bless. God ( 礻 : 示: 神 ) blesses a man (一口) with a farm (田) for food.
魔: Temptation: devil (鬼) in the trees (林)under cover(广)
义(義): Rightous Lamb (羊), Blood by 2 spears ( 丶乂)
乱: Confused tongues (舌) causing chaos (乚)
塔: Tower of Babel built together by men (合: 人ㄧ口) with straws (艹) and clays (土)
天: Sky (一) over the head of men (大)= God
躱(躲): Naked body (身) is (乃) behind a tree (木)
兄(兇): Elder brother (兄) Cain killed his sibling Abel, God made a mark (X) on his forehead as the murderer (兇).
信: Faith of men (亻 = 人)in Word (言)
造: God spoke with his Word (口), the universe moved (辶走) upon creation.