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Imagining China in 2023 – by Australian ex-PM Kevin Rudd

Imagining China in 2023 – China’s Domestic and Foreign Affairs:

Kevin Rudd, former Australian PM, educated in ANU with a Bachelor degree in Chinese language, speaks fluently in Mandarin. His son-in-law is a Chinese Australian.

In his speech he explained:
1. Xi JinPing’s “Chinese Dream” is different from the “American Dream”;

2. 2023 China will surpass the USA as the World’s Number One Economic Power;

3. The 2 major events: 2022 (Chinese Communist Party 100-year-old) and 2049 (People Republic of China 100-year-old) – what would China be ?

4. Close look at the Chinese powerful leader: Xi JinPing – “a man in hurry” because he has 9 years left to transform China – 20% of humanity – into a rich and developed nation.

All these China experts are no better than a Britain’s prisoner who, 200 years ago in a remote St .Helen island (@ 1816), already warned the ‘opium-mafia’ British of the awakening of the ‘sleeping lion’ China — He was Napoléon Bonaparte :
Quand la Chine s’éveillera le monde tremblera.” 当睡狮被吵醒, 世界将因她而撼动。” The poor French Emperor was dreaming (‘French Dream’) that China would revenge for him for the humiliation he suffered.

“When China Rules The World”

Watch “Martin Jacques: When China Rules The World” on YouTube – 

His 2009 book was recommended by the Davos organizer – then the Harvard President –  as the travel companion book for Davos World Leaders Conference attendants. 

4 points of his views: 

1) Civilisation state not the Nation State:

It is the truth.

China had been invaded 3 times by ‘foreigners’: 

北魏 (鲜卑 Siberians) in 5th CE occupied the Northern half of China.

Mongol (元) in 13th CENTURY,  

Manchu Qing 清  in 17th CE.

Finally the invaders knew to unite China by themselves “Han-ization” (汉化) neutralized in the Chinese civilization。

2) Tributary (朝贡) tradition not the European Expansion Colonial way:

The East Asian neighbors, eg. Koreans and Japan (occasionally turned enemy), Vietnam,  Burma,  Thailand, and Malaca (the birth of Nonya 娘惹 ethnic from inter-marriage between Chinese and Malay in 14th CE Ming Dynasty). China never expanded their territory beyond the ‘Middle Kingdom’ (or Tian-xia 天下: literary means “Under the Sky”). She accepted tributes from these neighbors but gave back much more than she received to show the great Emperor’s generosity – like the King Solomon did in the Bible. In return these small neighbours got the protection from the Big brother China. 

One example: the Sultan King of Malaca (exiled from Singapore) was being attacked by the Siam (Thailand) during Ming dynasty in 16CE,  the big brother China just told Siam to stop it, and a destruction war was avoided. The peaceful intervention is much effective than today’s the United Nation, and more humaine than the USA playing the role of ‘World Police’ (by invading Iraq, Afghanistan, etc for petrol).

3) 90% Han unity : 

Han (汉) is a category (范畴) in “The Category Theory” mathematical sense, not a pure race which is in  “The Set Theory” (集合) sense. The difference is Category is more than a Set (集合 : 烏合之众) with additional “Functor” or “Morphism”(态) –  adopting the same Chinese Han civilisation (ie Confucianism,  Chinese ideogram writing, never mind the religion, spoken language, race) . The people in Han are all the same “up to an isomorphism”.  So the Jews in Kaifeng (开封),  the Arabs in Quanzhou (泉州), the Siberians(鲜卑唐朝李氏皇族, 李白的血统),  the Turks(突厥), 朝鲜族(Korean tribe at the North-eastern border with North Korea) all han-ized  (汉化) – except the Tibetians and the Xingkiang.

4) 2020 World Top Economic:

China loans $110 billion to developing countries, surpassing the World Bank’s 100 bn. 

1/3 of the World economy is in East Asia, the other 2 markets are the North America and Europe which are shrinking.

At 10% annual growth in 50 years = 117 x of exponential growth.

Lastly : the engine of growth depends on  the quality of the next generation of people:

PISA Academic Test of 15-year-old Chinese kids: 1st position in every subject (Science, Math and Language).

China has 2 road-block obstacles to resolve: 

1) Democracy: embrace Taiwan KMT a la HK “One Country Two Systems”.

2) Corruption: eliminate the ‘flies’ when the “Windows are Open” (Deng Xiaoping’s quote).