Chinese Immigration 中国移民大军

Hurun Survey: 10 million rich Chinese migrated in last 25 years to these top 5 destinations:
1. USA
2. Europe
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Singapore (dropped from 3rd in 2010 after investment threshold raised).

Other popular places: South Africa, Portugal

Chinese have the long history of immigration due to political and economical reasons:

♢Qin 秦 dynasty, 徐福 and 6,000 smartest young boys and girls to Japan: run away from the cruel emperor.
♢ 明 Ming dynasty, 郑和 Zhen He’s 7 voyages to 西洋. Many crew members remained overseas (eg. Malacca Nonya娘惹)
♢End of Qing (清) dynasty to Republic of China, poor coastal Chinese migrated to South East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore).
♢ World War 1 & 2, Chinese inland farmers sent to Europe to build railways. Pockets of Chinatown appeared in European and American cities (London, Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, etc).

The first few immigrations were under forced circumstances for poor Chinese; today the immigration is voluntary by rich Chinese with more financial power and highly educated brains.

Whichever the circumstances, like the case in South East Asian countries, these Chinese will sink root in the USA and Europe, integrate into local society through marriage. Chinese, by its sheer number (1.3 billion or 1/5 of global population) and strong family-centered culture, will globalize the world: The East and West will finally merge as one family in few centuries. 天下一统!