What China will be like as a great power – Prof Martin Jacques (Cambridge University )

Speech in Feb 2019

Keynotes :

  1. Middle Kingdom 中国 : “Stay at home” unlike European Colonialism.
  2. Chinese Tribute System 朝贡
  3. Economical Transformation: 17% of Global GDP now, 34% by 2030 as in 1850 (2030: USA 15%, India 19%, EU 13%)
  4. Affinity with Developing countries (Africa,…) bcos China before 1978 was poor.
  5. “Belt & Road” : massive infrastructure building to connect Central Asia, South East Asia. (Belt = Rail, Road = Sea. Only 2 countries not covered : India, Japan). USA not taking part in “Belt & Road”.
  6. USA is now in “new water” vis-a-vis China: impossible to stop the rise of China but to find another way to work with her.
  7. Misconception that Chinese people are not innovative – look at Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, etc.
  8. Change of assumption by USA to be Number 1.
  9. Q&A 1 : With the same Communism, why Russian failed but China succeeds ? Answer: Stalin focused on City workers, Mao on farmers (乡村包围城市).
  10. Q&A 2: Will the success of China forces the democratic system of the West to change?

“The Point” CGTN with Liu Xin (24 May 2019)

1. The West misreads China.
2. Huawei is too successful so USA doesn’t like it.