Taiji with Jet Li & Alibaba Jack Ma

Jet Li & Jack Ma’s Vision: Both of them are working together on a vision to promote Taiji in the Olympic Game, on par with Judo & Taekwando.

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李连杰 (英语) 访谈:

Taiji Flow 太极流学

24式简化太极拳 表演者: 邱惠芳 (世界太极冠军)

Seldom see the Taiji music starts and ends just nice as the 套拳.

观摩名家表演叫”流学” (流动学拳), 注意他们的:

1. 脚一虚一实: 阴阳变化, 没有双重 (即 双脚皆实)
2. 手虚实: 阴阳变化 (正反手掌)
3. 三尖: 鼻尖, 膝尖, 脚尖成一条线 (例: 上步七星)
4. 气势: 一气贯之

太极 = {阴, 阳}

如果没有阴阳(虚实), 就不是太极拳!

请欣赏大师 吴英华 ( 吴鉴泉女儿)  – 吴式太极 

Wu style Taichi performed by the master Wu Yinhua (daughter Of Master Wu JianQuan, the Wu Taiji founder)



American Taiji 美国太极

Taichi (American wrong pronunciation) or Taiji (Beijing pronunciation):

This American shifu (师傅 Master) adapts the Taiji with western teaching. He summaries his experience in his own simple rules: Smile; Conserve your curve, flow, open / close the door…, rather than using the abstract Chinese teaching of relax (松), breathing (dantian 丹田) etc, which even a Chinese cannot understand.

I like the way the American shifu praises “great, excellent, beautiful” to encourage his clumsy students during the class. If he were a Chinese shifu, the students would hear “wrong 错!错!, not this way 不是这样...” plus a knock on the head; or if he were a French shifu, then you would get sarcastic remarks “mon dieu, idiot, …” 🙂

He only teaches 1 form 招势 (Grasping the Bird’s Tail 揽雀尾 ) out of many other forms (8, 13, 24, 32, 42, 48, 88, 108 forms depends on which style of Taiji: Chen 陈, Yang 杨, Wú (alias Goh) 吴, Sun 孙)。

Note: Chen style was the original inventor of Taiji 400 years ago at the end of 16th Century Ming dynasty. Yang stole it from Chen family’s secretive Taiji (watch video 偷拳) , simplified it and spread it in Beijing, and through his students Wu (Goh) and the later’s student Sun, to whole China and the world today.


Grasping the Bird’s Tail 揽雀尾

Lao gong: 劳宫

Wu Wei 无为 : Effortless Effort (from Lao Zi 老子)

Where the mind goes, the qi (chi) follows : 意到气到 (\yi dao qi dao)

Below is a demonstration of the complete 24 Simplified Yang Style Taiji (简化24式杨氏太极拳) by the World’s Taiji Champion Ms Wu (Goh) Amin 吳阿敏.

Note: From 01:45 mins to 02:05 mins in the video she showed the form “Grasping the Bird’s Tail” 揽雀尾 :

Take a look at the original Chen style Taiji which is more forceful and combative for battle use: